Gold Glitter Paint

By Bristol Paint & VFX

BRISTOL GOLD GLITTER can be applied as a top dressing over a matching or contrasting base colour, which will create a stunning effect

BRISTOL GOLD GLITTER is a shimmering effect paint which is part of our Stardust Glitter Range. 

The paint consists of coloured polyester particles held in a PVA solution, which dry to a clear and glossy finish. 


Clean and degrease surface thoroughly.
Treat new plaster and filled areas with a stabilising solution.
Make sure surface is sound, clean and dry before painting.
Always apply over a complimentary or contrasting base colour, depending on desired effect.
The colours can be diluted with water between 5-10% and when sprayed, should be used with biggest nozzle available.
Small areas can be applied by using a brush or roller.
Larger areas should be applied by using a pressure pot system with a minimum of 40 lbs per sq. in of constant pressure. HLVP
spray application is recommended.
Spray gun must not be allowed to dry out, keep equipment clean.
Build up the density of coloured particles from a light mist coating to a solid finish.
Airless spray systems are not compatible with this paint range.
All our paints can be over sprayed with Bristol GLITTER for extra lustre.


Drying time: Surface will be touch dry within 2 hours. Complete bonding process will take about 2 days at 20C and 50%
Re-coat: after 2-3 hours
Coverage: approx. 4-6 m. square per litre, depending on effect required
Adhesion: excellent on most surfaces
Available sizes: 0.125kg, 0.5kg, 2.5kg buckets

Creative Ideas

Application of a spray applied mist coat of GLITTER over a complementary solid colour gives exceptional visual effects.
Final coat of Aqualak Gloss will further protect the Glitter and give a highly durable finish
Multiple colours can be applied in light coats to give further creative finishes

Please note this delivery service is for mainland UK only, anyone wishing to order for the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and Ireland please contact us. 



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